Bashian & Farber Hosts a Webinar on Successfully Contesting a Will

On October 14, 2015 the Law offices of Bashian & Farber, LLP were proud to host a live, 90 minute “webinar” presented by the New York State Bar Association entitled “Winning a Will Contest Using Medical Records to Support Lack of Capacity.”

Partners Gary E. Bashian and Irving O. Farber lectured in detail about the nature of Testamentary Capacity under New York law, the use of medical records to establish a Testator’s lack of capacity, and Continue reading


Column: Noncompete agreements: An effective tool to protect business interests

by James Hyer

Millions of dollars are lost each year through the theft of trade secrets that companies labor tirelessly to develop. One effective tool that may be utilized by companies to safeguard against “commercial piracy” is a noncompete agreement. If properly drafted, a noncompete agreement can prevent significant financial losses attributable to exploitation of private proprietary information or unfair competition by former employees.

As these agreements are often contested by former employees and the courts often take a strong position against upholding noncompete agreements, it is imperative that employers draft agreements that will be enforced by a court. Within New York State, three elements are usually required for a noncompete
agreement to be enforceable:

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