The Westchester Human Rights Commission: A Convenient Forum

By: James L. Hyer, Esq.


For attorneys representing clients with claims of discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations and credit the Westchester Human Rights Commission, (“Commission”), offers a convenient venue operating under straightforward rules and regulations.[i] This article addresses the key points of the procedures pertaining to the filings, investigations, and hearings within the Commission with respect to non-housing discrimination matters which are governed by separate county statute and rules as primer for attorneys.

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N.Y. Court of Appeals: Firefighters & Police can Sue Employers for Unsafe Workplace

Our office has a particular respect and appreciation for the nature of modern police and firefighting work which exposes police and firefighters to risk of physical injury on a daily basis, thereby increasing their vulnerability to physical injury or death. Our firm’s partner, Irving O. Farber, Esq., has a first-hand understanding of the dangers faced through his role as a Mount Kisco volunteer firefighter.

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