What to Expect When Purchasing a Co-op

In many areas, co-op apartments are viewed as affordable housing that offer a gateway to home ownership. First-time homebuyers and seniors are often drawn to co-ops as they require less upkeep than houses and the repairs and management of the common areas are cared for by a management company. Co-ops also offer owners seeking to cap their monthly housing costs a set maintenance fee that will usually encompass the costs of heat, hot water, upkeep of the common areas and real estate taxes in addition to any mortgage payments. While co-ops have much to offer, it is important to understand that buying a co-op is very different than purchasing other real estate. Here are a few tips to consider: Continue reading


What to Expect When Purchasing Residential Real Estate


One of the most stressful decisions that individuals can make during their lives is the purchase of their first home. As buying a home is likely one of the largest purchases in a person’s life, the financial stress can be daunting and this pressure can be amplified if the purchaser lacks knowledge regarding the home-buying process. Knowing what to expect during this process can significantly reduce the anxiety that may accompany the purchase of a first home. Although real estate transactions can be complex, the following major steps can be expected by a purchaser:   Continue reading

Stewardship of Historic New York State Cemeteries

By: James L. Hyer, Esq.


Immediate legislative and administrative action is necessary to preserve the historic cemeteries of New York State (NYS) effectively. Worthy of preservation, these cemeteries present an amalgam of historic information, offering valuable data about the past and the evolution of society. Preservation of these sites will permit the continued opportunity to research the burial practices of the region, including the location and relocation of cemeteries, methods of burial, segregation in burial, trends of cemetery design and public perception of burial. This comment offers arguments in favor of historic cemetery preservation, a synopsis of pertinent NYS cemetery law, as well as ways to alter NYS laws, regulations and procedures to better achieve preservation.

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